Pool Ball Set

Created exclusively
for Harlequin in Belgium
by: Saluc / aramith®


** Game rules for Cutthroat and other games (here)

The Harlequin pool ball box set contains 16 genuine "premium quality" Belgium Aramith pool balls, produced in Belgium by Saluc S. A. Founded in 1923, Saluc produces and distributes the premier billiard ball throughout the world- its Trademark Aramith billiard balls.

Only 3,000 sets of Harlequin games were produced by Aramith in the 1990s.
In 2016 TOLGOL LLC acquired this treasure trove of the remaining Harlequin pool ball sets.

The Harlequin balls were produced for players looking for something unique and challenging. These sets are one of a kind, and are limited in quantity, and will never be produced again.

The Harlequin pool ball box set also includes three specially
designed Harlequin dice.

Using the Harlequin dice creates interesting possibilities for playing pool with two or three players. Harlequin Novelty games can be played at all skills levels on any regulation pool table.

These remaining sets are rare!

There are only 1500 sets left in the entire world...and now YOU can own a set. (purchase below)


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We use PayPal. It is secure, flexible, and you can use your credit card. An account is not required. This method is one of the largest online payment processors in the world. If you sign up for a PayPal account, you type in the credit cards and bank accounts you wish to use for purchases one time on the PayPal secure system. Once that is accomplished, you never again have to disclose your credit card information online.

How is this product packaged for shipment?

The Box Set is packaged in an outer shipping carton or container.

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How much is shipping and do you offer Insurance?

Shipping costs are included in the price to anywhere in the USA.

Yes! Insurance is included in the price to anywhere in the USA.

Is this product new in box?

Yes! These Vintage Aramith balls have never been sold or used and have been stored in air conditioned and smoke free storage for almost 20 years.

How long will it take for me to receive my order?

You should expect to receive your order within or up to 7 business days.

Who is shipping this product?

The company is TOLGOL LLC. Please see below for contact information.




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What kind of games can I play with this product?

Harlequin can be played, at any pool / billiard hall and at home.

Rules of play may be determined by the buyer, there are so many possibilities.

A game of Harlequin Cutthroat, is perfect for three players and playing with these Vintage premium grade Aramith Harlequin balls will be a thrilling experience.

Do you have games with rules of play?

Yes! There are are a few:

Can you tell me more about Aramith?

Aramith is the legend in the billiard field. Aranrith pool balls adhere to the most stringent specifications in the industry, ensuring superior plaryrability and durability.

The premier grade balls are crafted of the highest quality phonelic resin; provide for perfect roundness and balance and exceptional scratch and impact resistance; uniform weight and hardness and a friction resistant roll; IDEAL for pool players of all levels of skill.




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